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Innovative Solutions for Climate Mitigation & Adaptation in Nepal, the HKH Region, & Beyond

Our Team

We are a unique and diverse team of academics, career practitioners, and award-winning social enterprises developing holistic solutions to mitigate risk and combat climate change in remote, often marginalized communities of Nepal, the Hindu Kush Himalaya region, and beyond. Promoting economic, environmental and social security through the set-up of circular, sustainable businesses, Nepalaya creates jobs, food, potable water, energy and materials, and fosters sustainable, self-supporting, and resilient communities.

Our Services

Using Frontier Technology for Environmental Services and Social Good

  • Data collection, mapping and monitoring services
  • Disaster consulting services
  • Medical cargo transport services
  • Precision agriculture services
  • Wildlife conservation services
  • Seed-bombing for reforestation
  • Tactical search and rescue

Sustainable Development

  • Project development and management services
  • Sustainable water solutions
  • Green energy solutions
  • Regenerative agriculture solutions
  • Reforestation planting services
  • Adaptive waste-to-wealth solutions
  • Early years education program
  • Green tourism solutions

Nepalaya Village

Utilizing a multi-faceted, interwoven and regenerative program that can be tailored to specific locations and needs, we provide a verifiable and results-driven sustainable village blueprint that supports and empowers locals to be self-sufficient and act as guardians of their community.

Snowy mountain peak towering over Sherpa teahouses Khumbu Himalayas Nepal

Life in remote communities is what is colloquially known as "the last mile" can be a daily struggle.

Nepal disaster 2015 at Kathmandu, Earthquake

We leverage frontier technologies and democratise data to mitigate risk and improve active management and response protocol in local communities.

branch of Pinus wallichiana, Himalayan pine, Bhutan pine, Blue pine, covered with rime frost close up

We promote the sustainable use of local forests and reforestation of denuded areas, improve resource management and income generation, and help alleviate poverty.

Snow Leopard

We map and monitor high Himalaya wildlife, help to fight environmental crime, and reduce human/animal conflict by utilizing an early warning system.

Mani Rimdu Dancer

We support regenerative and green tourism, and promote a slower and kinder way to travel while respecting local people and the environment.

We create a sustainable food supply via regenerative farming of ancient grains, community gardens, orchards and beehives, and applied uses of produce pomace.

Looms of threads

We promote waste-to-wealth and sustainable production activities that empower women and benefit the local community and the environment as a whole.

We provide sustainable potable water solutions that help to improve health and economic resilience, empower local women, and conserve natural resources.

Namaste! - portrait of young Sherpa boy in Everest Region

We help children to thrive by providing a remote early years education program that teaches essential skills via play-based learning.

Nepalaya Water

We provide scalable potable water solutions to remote communities, mitigating disaster, and protecting Nepal's fragile high-altitude ecosystems.

The HKH region, also known as the "Third Pole," is the source of drinking water for approximately 2 billion people. With accelerated meltdown of glaciers in the region, the likelihood of glacial lake outbursts is rising, leading to disastrous impacts downstream, and ultimately, water scarcity.

We provide a reliable water supply via a 3-phase water collection and purification program.

We collect waste from big mountain summits, villages and along trails to help protect the environment, and create sustainable livelihoods via a waste-to-wealth program.

Our Positive Impact

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Land and Wildlife Conservation

Promoting Health and Wellness

Workforce Development

Environmental Information and Education

Promoting Arts, Media and Culture

Renewable or Cleaner Energy

Environmental Innovative Processes

Infrastructure and Market Access-Building

Resource Conservation

Economic Empowerment for the Underserved

Serving in-need populations

Why Choose Us

Integrity. Passion. Results.

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Plan for Success

We "think big," and go above and beyond to deliver positive impact to all our stakeholders.

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Attention to Details

We provide holistic solutions tailored to local needs.

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Our team are science-backed innovators and social enterprises, with multiple published research papers and awards to our name.

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We're united in creating a fairer and sustainable world for all.


Our Nepalaya team are undertaking a ​fundraising initiative to provide warm ​clothes, shoes, and school supplies for ​village children in the Tsum Valley.

Check out our new fundraising page here:


January 2024

Nepalaya Water has been nominated for the ​Zayed Sustainability Prize 2024/25

January 2024

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Nepalaya Water was a finalist at 100+ ​Accelerator Program.

September 2023

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Nepalaya Village has been nominated for ​the Zayed Sustainability Prize 2023.

Nepalaya Village was a finalist at Dubai ​ExpoLive 2023 Innovation Program.

June 2023

May 2023

May 2023

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Butter lamps. Candles. Diwali lights. Butter Wax. Diya.

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